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Quick reference to basic JavaScript commands. Search online for tutorials
// this is a one-line comment
/* this comment could contain linebreaks */
Constant numbers 12.3 and strings "hi", "hi".charAt(0) is "h"
Variable start with a letter, then use letters, digits or _ (declared with var)
Expression built from +, -, *, /, pow(x,y), sqrt(), PI, E, log(), floor(), ceil(),
random(), sin(), cos(), tan(), atan() and constants, variables, functions
v = expression;
{   statement 1;
    statement n;
Condition expression == expression or <=, <, >, >=, !=...
or !cond, cond1 && cond2, cond1 || cond2
if - else
if (condition) block 1
else block 2                   // optional
for (var i=start; endcondition; i++)
while (condition) 
f = function(v1, ..., vn) {
    statement 1;
    return expression;
List (array)
a = [1,2,"hi"]
a[0] is 1, a.length is 3, a+[4] is [1,2,"hi",4]
(hash tables)
object = {attribute:expression, method:function}
a = {x:2, y:3, s:function(){return this.x+this.y}}
a.x is 3, a["x"] is 3, a.s() is 5
write("Hello"); writeln(" world");

This page is useful for experimenting with basic JavaScript and simple algorithms (e.g. those covered in a discrete mathematics course). It should work in any browser that has JavaScript enabled (including smartphone browsers).

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