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Set up Eclipse and Tomcat 7 on Ubuntu 12.04 to create Java RESTful Web Services with Jersey

EclipseApache TomcatJersey
  1. Download Eclipse;
  2. use the Eclipse Update Manager to install all packages from the category Web, XML, Java EE Development and OSGi Enterprise Development, except “PHP Development” and the “RAP” Tooling;
  3. while you wait for the installation of the packages you can install tomcat7 by running from terminal:
    sudo apt-get install tomcat7 tomcat7-docs tomcat7-examples tomcat7-admin -y
  4. configure WTP to use Tomcat:
    1. select Windows -> Preferences -> Server -> Runtime Environments;
    2. press Add…;
    3. select “Apache Tomcat v7.0″;
    4. enter “/usr/share/tomcat7″ into the “Tomcat installation directory” field;
    5. press Ok;
  5. create a new “Dynamic Web Project”
    • as Target Runtime select “Apache Tomcat v7.0″;
    • press twice Next;
    • select the “Generate the web.xml deployment descriptor” option at the final dialog;
    • press Finish;
  6. close Eclipse;
  7. to fix the error “Cannot create a server using the selected type” run the following:
    cd ~/workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings/
    rm org.eclipse.jst.server.tomcat.core.prefs
    rm org.eclipse.wst.server.core.prefs
  8. to fix the error “Could not load the Tomcat server configuration at /usr/share/tomcat7/conf. The configuration may be corrupt or incomplete. /usr/share/tomcat7/conf/catalina.policy (No such file or directory)” run the following commands:
    cd /usr/share/tomcat7
    sudo ln -s /var/lib/tomcat7/conf conf
    sudo ln -s /etc/tomcat7/policy.d/03catalina.policy conf/catalina.policy
    sudo ln -s /var/log/tomcat7 log
    sudo chmod -R 777 /usr/share/tomcat7/conf
  9. log out and log back in;
  10. open Eclipse;
  11. open the server view:
    • go to Window->Show View->Other…;
    • choose the Servers under the Server category;
  12. click on “new server wizard”;
    • choose Apache / Tomcat v7.0 Server and press Next;
    • enter “/usr/share/tomcat7″ into the “Tomcat installation directory” field;
    • press Next;
    • select your project on the left pane under “Available” and press Add> to move it to the right pane under “Configured”;
    • press Finish”;
  13. to be able to start the Tomcat server from Eclipse you need first to stop the one running in background:
    sudo service tomcat7 stop

    and to disable Tomcat to automatically start at boot run:

    sudo update-rc.d tomcat7 disable
  14. download the zip of Jersey;
  15. put the the jersey jars into the folder “WEB-INF/lib” and add them to the project build path;
  16. create your first RESTful Webservice by following this tutorial by Lars Vogel.

Your web services will be automatically deployed in the following folder:


Your web service will be accessible through the following URI:



  1. x = the root of your service set inside the tag url-pattern in web.xml;
  2. y = the path set for your class
  3. z = the path set for your method
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