[C/C++][tensorflow 1.x] windows C lib :

[Tensorflow] How to Install Tensorflow for C API

Tensorflow is a powerful deep learning suite that is now widely used in the development and application of various deep learning.
Although there are many users, if there are special projects that must install tensorflow on different versions / operating systems / programming languages / platforms, it is often necessary to find answers in the sea of google, and must continue to test after found.
Build form Source can basically solve most of the problems, but because it takes a lot of time and is difficult, it causes some people to have some difficulties in installation.
Here are a few of the tensorflow installation methods tested by myself.

Case1:  x86 | Python api | Windows & macOS & ubuntu

>> You can just easily follow tensorflow official tutorial:

= = =

Case2: x86 | C api | Windows & macOS & ubuntu

Step1. Download File by Platform:

>> Linux - CPU Only
>> Linux - GPU Support
>> macOS - CPU Only
>> Windows - CPU Only
>> Windows - GPU Support

Step2. Extract the File:

>> Linux & macOS
$ sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf {File_Path}

Step3. Linker:

$ sudo ldconfig

Step4. Verify:

create a file name hello_tf.c and paste code below:

int main() {
  printf("Hello from TensorFlow C library version %s\n", TF_Version());
  return 0;
then compile hello_tf.c for check:
gcc hello_tf.c -ltensorflow -o hello_tf


[출처] https://mike-web-learn.blogspot.com/2019/08/how-to-install-tensorflow-for-c-api.html



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